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"I call Jen when I need to feel deeply nurtured and intuitively guided."

Jaya Rose
Founder of Embody

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"Jen is amazing! She has a wonderful, pure and magnetic energy that calms you when are feeling unsure. Jen is my life-long coach!"

DeAnna Flores
Registered Nurse

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"After working with Jen, I feel more grounded and more immovable in my goals and the affirmations she helped me create are starting to resonate with my whole body."

Hillary Wolfe
Life Coach, Author & Doterra Educator

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" It’s incredible how she can relieve pain through reiki over a video call, even though we’re hundreds of miles apart."

Cassie Garrett
Yoga Instructor

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"She is so intuitive when it comes to energy work, coaching, body wisdom, + essential oils."

Michelle Den Boer
Life Coach For Mommas

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