{Body Insight Activation}

Reconnecting with Body Wisdom and Activating your Power.

Old patterns and beliefs live in your cellular structure. We can do emotional work, we can do mindset work, but there is also work to do in the body. Oftentimes that is the last place that we find patterns and blocks, or limiting beliefs lingering and holding on.

Would you like to create a more open vessel? Ready to receive that which is your birthright?

Free yourself from limiting beliefs and fully step into your power.

Learn to connect with your higher self and spirit team so you can steep yourself in your purpose.

Activate your full worth and unlock your hidden blocks to prosperity.

Create impeccable energetic boundaries for yourself and your life, so you can be more in alignment with your source.

What You Can Expect From Regular Reiki Treatments:

When you receive a Reiki treatment, you may experience feelings of lightness, as emotional releases from negative energies that have been lodged in your body are being released. You may see vivid colors, or have visions that play like a movie in your mind’s eye. These visions are messages. Loved ones may come through with a message, and you will find more balance in your chakras.

Reiki is a Japanese form of relaxation that engages your parasympathetic nervous system, the sweet spot where all healing takes place; you may have heard of the Parasympathetic nervous system as your “Rest and Digest” nervous system. Sometimes we have to tell our clients they need to experience Reiki, because finding the words to explain it simply aren’t there. We both have literally seen colors we’ve never seen before. How DO you explain that?  You will be amazed at the results you get. You will feel the shift down to the cellular level as you ascend.

The Reiki energy can linger for up to 72 hours, you are being healed on a soul level, There are always layers to this too, so expect to see forever changes. You can’t unfeel the energy once you’ve received a Reiki treatment.

This mentorship is for you if you are ready to:

*release old limiting beliefs and blocks
*let go of your past
*integrate your masculine and feminine
*shift old patterns and beliefs
*find increased balance and peace
*assimilate the teachings that you have learned
*see yourself in a whole new way
*take energetic responsibility for your life
*live intentionally and consciously
*activate forgiveness


The details:

Over 6 weeks you will have 4 Private 1:1 Intuitive Reiki Sessions

Long Distance Reiki + Energy Medicine, Tarot, Chakra, Essential Oils, Conscious Mentoring

This is going to shift your life in a profound way.
Get ready to be more in flow, grounded, connected + intuitive.
Allow + embody more ease + grace.

What it entails:
4 60-75 minute sessions
Your Unique Blueprint- Know Yourself
doTERRA Essential Oils Care Package
Voxer access to process what we are working through

Investment: $1111


Are you tired of emptying your cup for the sake of others?

Are you tired of saying yes when you know deep down that you should be saying no?

Here’s the deal, love. It’s not going to get better, in fact it’s only going to get worse until you become your own best friend and realize that healing + abundance is all within you. And, that energetic boundaries are your responsibility.

It IS possible to have a “busy” life AND show up for yourself!

One of the best ways that I have found to take back my power is to step into my own energetic boundaries with Reiki, Essential Oils, Tarot, Numerology, Consciously Coaching myslef, Tapping into my intuition and personal growth.

This is exactly what we are going to be doing in my group program, Heal.

Here’s what I am offering, a 4 week group intensive to help you to cleanse your energy and re-establish excellent energetic boundaries.

That is what I do best, lead with my intuition, and I want to help you to tap into yours.