Heal Your Magic

with Andrea Arledge + Jennifer Kohler

7 Week Energetic Cleanse

Hey Mama! We see you! We hear you! We value you.

You are ready to move beyond energies or situations that no longer serve you and make space for energy that does. You are looking for something more purposeful. You are decluttering your life. You are moving out of stagnant places. You are the creator of your life and you are starting to realize it.

You are enthusiastic + adventurous. You are venturing forth, beginning a new project, acting on a new idea.

No matter where you are on your journey, you are soulfully excited but you are still seeking. You know your ideas hold so much value, but can’t always get the words out right. You feel so much alignment, but you are still doubting yourself. You are doing all the things. Mindset work + Coaching, Personal Growth.

These are so fulfilling and life changing, but maybe it is time to dig deep into the physical body +  energy work. Time to look at your deepest patterns. The ones that are buried deep in your cells. It’s time to release the old limiting beliefs + patterns for the amazing things waiting for you on the other side of your fear.


To focus on what you desire and amplify it.

To hone in on the creative ideas and downloads you are receiving by actively listening to your guides.

To recognize your own gifts!

To release old patterns and limiting beliefs about yourself so that you can really tap into your Self and love yourself unconditionally.

We are here to help you tap into your angels, guides, ascended masters, spirit animals and most importantly your highest self.

To get into alignment with yourself.

We bring the mystery and help you to unravel it as we guide you to delve into your intuition, clear the energetic blocks that are holding you back and start to work with your intuition instead of against it.  (Go with the current, not against it)

What You Can Expect From

Weekly Reiki Treatments

When you receive a Reiki treatment, you may experience feelings of lightness, as emotional releases from negative energies that have been lodged in your body are being released. You may see vivid colors, or have visions that play like a movie in your mind’s eye. These visions are messages. Loved ones may come through with a message, and you will find more balance in your chakras.

Reiki is a Japanese form of relaxation that engages your parasympathetic nervous system, the sweet spot where all healing takes place; you may have heard of the Parasympathetic nervous system as your “Rest and Digest” nervous system. Sometimes we have to tell our clients they need to experience Reiki, because finding the words to explain it simply aren’t there. We both have literally seen colors we’ve never seen before. How DO you explain that?  You will be amazed at the results you get. You will feel the shift down to the soulular level as you ascend.

The Reiki energy can linger for up to 72 hours, and understand you are being healed on a soul level, and healing processes take place in 28 day cycles. There are always layers to this too, so expect to see forever changes. You can’t unfeel the energy once you’ve received a Reiki treatment.

Imagine getting this for 7 weeks in a row!

(7 is the Seeker of Truth in numerological terms)

Results: You set your intention on your healing and the Reiki energy always works for your Highest Good.


  •     Manifest your ideal clients

  •     Clear the blocks in your business by clearing your own patterns

  •     Receive clarity regarding your purpose

  •     Become aware of the energy of your business

  •     Amplify your business with intention


  •     Speeds recovery of illnesses such as flu and cold

  •     Improves immunity

  •     Speeds recovery of wounds or injuries

  •     Speeds healing time for bruises, cuts, skin burns, insect bites and stings

  •     Decreases pain, including phantom pain from limb amputation

  •     Slows progression of serious diseases such as MS

  •     Helps with symptom management of other chronic diseases

  •     Helps decrease the impact of chemotherapy and radiation

  •     Helps relieve headaches


  •     Lowers stress level and mental congestion often associated with headaches

  •     Gives energy and focus for the day

  •     Helps with mental clarity (setting goals)

  •     Aids memory (Dementia; Alzheimer’s)

  •     Aids in academic studies + focus


  •     Helps ease pain of grief and sadness, fear, guilt, shame.

  •     Used to help in relationship issues

  •     Unblocks old pain lodged in the body which was blocked by emotional trauma

  •     Opens up for emotional releases such as crying, laughing, anger

  •     Allows for emotionally charged memories of past to ease and release


  •     Improves Intuition

  •     Provides one with a feeling of deep inner connection

  •     Opens one up for deeper spiritual connections to Divine

  •     Helps one feel a deep connection to others and SELF

However, the real magic happens when you do the work in a more long term setting.

That is why we have created the 7 week Energetic Cleanse.

Let’s get you feeling conscious, centered, balanced, clear and ready to take on the world!

We want you to BE a clear vessel.

What to expect:

Over 7 weeks, 7 Private 60-75 minute group sessions

with supportive sisters in a healing circle.

Private Facebook Group with Two Reiki Masters

with over 17 years of experience with Reiki.

In depth Tarot/Oracle reading during our sessions

+ a weekly Tarot forecast posted in our private FB group

Chakra Clearing + Balancing

Pendulum Work

Hot Seats

Aura Clearings

Become more aware of your energy

Meet your Guides and learn how to work with them

Experience an expansion in your consciousness

Clear away negative energy and entities

Learn energetic hygiene practices so that you can feel your best everyday

Establish a daily ritual that works for your schedule

Workbook for the journey

Food Guide to help you transition to an alkaline state in the body to become a clearer vessel and feel your best as you HEAL YOUR MAGIC.

Time Investment: 7 weeks (60-75 minute group sessions)

Monetary Investment: early bird discount $777 until the 7th.

Dates: April 12- May 24 Thursday at 9 am pst/12 pm est

Meet your guides for the journey:

Andrea Arledge, RN, Reiki Master Teacher, RYT-200, Certified Holistic Nutritionist


Jennifer Kohler, LMT, Reiki Master Teacher