Thousands of candles can be lighted from a single candle,

and the life of the candle will not be shortened.

Happiness never decreases by being shared.

–The Buddha

“Heal + Align”

This is a safe place for your gentle awakening. Your rising out of the ashes.

The place to come for a soul awakening.

Women’s circles are an amazing way to hold space for you to share your heart, your deepest desires and to watch your life unfold in the highest way possible.

Women all over the planet are rising, reclaiming their power and discovering their divine gifts.

This is a welcoming and safe place for you regardless of your external situation, job, family, etc.  Here you are allowed to be the divine being that you are!!

Over the course of this journey, we will create massive transformation:

  • Dive deep into your Chakras that regulate the flow of energy through the physical body  
  • essential oils for emotional well-being 
  • Group Aura Clearings + Reiki Sessions 
  • Create a life of self love + ritual.  
  • Carve out time for YOU. 
  • Learn how to manage the “busy epidemic” 
  • Let go of patterns, the past, old beliefs so that you can look forward to the future, and live in the present. 
  • Discover and align with YOUR Core Values 
  • Cultivate awareness of where you are. 
  • Take back your power 
  • Get into Alignment with your SELF 
  • Practice Slight Edge principles in your daily life 
  • Practice Meditation 
  • Learn why and how to practice Conscious + Intentional Living 
  • Figure out the really important stuff and learn to let go of the rest. 
  • EMOTIONAL MASTERY- Learn to Master The Brain Game!


For 3 months we will create, manifest, trust, explore, celebrate and expand together.

    • Regular Zoom Sessions. Join from anywhere in the world, Calls will be recorded and posted in the private FB group ASAP.
    • Monthly 1:1 Coaching Sessions
    • Weekly guide and “soul-work” to deepen your awareness and practice.
  • Private Facebook Group for paid members only. Come here for support from me and the group as well as to share your wins, struggles, observations, & aha’s!
  • You will have access to my Inner Circle Membership where my business partner and I go LIVE for Moon Rituals and encouragement throughout our time together.


Time: The more time you spend exploring and diving in, the more you are going to receive from this group. This is all about inner exploration and connection.

Monetary: $2500

payment plans available

My Mission: Women are the life-force of this world, and I believe that if we can raise our own vibrations, the planet will follow suit.

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xo, Jen